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About Donkey Kong Game Play

Donkey Kong is one of the very first platform games,
In addition to the game objective (Saving Lady Pauline), the player also get points according to his actions.
Points are usually awarded for jumping over obstacles, destroying objects with the hammer, completing levels and collecting various items.
According to Wikipedia, the highest score ever achieved is 1,050,200 on June 2007

The game has 4 levels, and total of 100 meters, so each level represents 25 meters.
The levels become harder and harder, for example, Donkey Kong will throw the barrels faster and faster or even diagonally.
All this seems very simple today, but keep in mind that Donkey Kong was one of the first games ever to introduce these features.

The scoring system:
Jumping over one item awards 100 points, two items awards 300 points, and jumping three items awards 500 points.
Destroying barrels with the hammer awards 300 points, destroying any other objects might award 300 to 800 points.
Picking up an item such as a hat in level one, awards 300 points, in level two 500 and in level three or four it will award 800 points.
When each level is completed, you will also be awarded with bonus points, 5000 points for level 1, 6000 for level 2, 7000 for level 3, and 8000 for level 4 and up.

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